I have been a coward, I admit it.

When I was at school, I was too coward to stand up and tell my teachers that they are so arrogant and it’s embarrassing to yell at and insult a friend of me for criticizing them so honestly. It’s just one of hundreds of cases that I see wrongness and corruption from the teachers and to keep my ass safe, I decided to stay quiet and what I told myself is “speaking out won’t help anything”. That decision worked perfectly. I went through my school years without getting into so many troubles.

When I went to college, I was still a coward. I knew deeply that it’s wrong to cheat the result but compromising with the teacher and other lazy students in the class always help me to pass with an A. When I see teachers who don’t do their jobs properly or who are not qualified, I kept telling myself try to tolerate it but deep inside I know, it’s a mutual toleration.

Then I went to work and I stayed coward. When I see how the whole market is lying to sell their services, I decided to be the best liar because honesty turns out not always be the best policy. I see how much corrupted the market is, how greedy people is, how irresponsible and stupid those decision makers are and how much a Vietnamese willing to do for a foreign corporation to exploit other Vietnamese to benefit their own ass and I decided to be part of it, to get something out of the situation as well.

Then I went out to live life and I stayed coward. I can see how corrupted all governmental agencies and officers are but it somehow makes life more convenient and easy and why not, I think, to compromise and survive. There are no reasons for a guy to spend time fighting for others who don’t give a shit.

Why am I writing this. Well, I want to tell you please don’t be a coward, not necessarily all of you, but come on, please at least one of you, please be different from the rest of this country. Sometimes, one may just be enough.


About crystalphan

I believe the happiest person is the one that stay who they are, no matter what and the one that willing to trade everything to set him free.
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